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Stream seamless
recurring crypto

Automate salaries by streaming them - so
employees can withdraw whenever they want.

Trusted by remarkable organizations


Automate transactionsand stream them by the second.

LlamaPay is a multi-chain protocol that allows you to automate transactions and stream them by the second. Recipients can withdraw these funds at any time, eliminating the need for manual reoccuring payment transactions.

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Gas efficient

Deploying a LlamaPay stream is 3.2-3.7x cheaper than other services.

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Available on all EVM chains with all contracts sharing the same address across chains

How it works

Input payee information

Alice - Designer

Enter amount & frequency


Start Streaming!


Top Up

Anyone can trigger a claim

Receive payment into centralized exchanges via a 3rd party wallet triggering the claim.

Never run out of balance

Opt to borrow money to fund streams, for when you forget to top-up your balance.

No precision errors

LlamaPay operates internally with 20 decimals which will keep precision errors to a minimum.

Stream indefinitely

Use LlamaPay to create streams with no end date - or set a custom end date.

Used by founders and team members

Create a New Stream

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